31-days-impactYesterday’s #Write31Days word was “blowout”.  And honestly, thinking about that word creates a bit of stress in me.  It reminds me of blowouts I have been a part of, and quite honestly, the idea of writing about confrontation (again), seems a bit internally unfair.

Instead, I’d like to look at confront as it pertains to us introspectively.  All of us have attributes and personality traits we know, need work and are certain others, feel, are not the most attractive things about us.  We must be able to confront those areas within ourselves.

The first question to ask is: What are those attributes and character traits?  Some may be obvious, others may require a bit more investigation.  Second:  How do we go about confronting and working through the solutions to those challenges?   I am not a psychologist or a licensed therapist, but I do feel I have a fairly decent picture of who I am and the issues I deal with.  I may not be happy about various parts of me and know they need work (some, more than others), but I have learned over the years to be honest with myself and identify those areas within to confront.

In my opinion, having a person or group of people in your life, whom you trust and who know you well, allowed access to you in a way that allow them to make suggestions and speak into your life, is an incredible asset to possess.  This is humbling, to say the least.  But, in my opinion, a very healthy way to begin the process of confronting the undesirables in my life.  (NOTE:  These are NOT people who simply know me causally or that are part of an organized discussion group.  I am speaking of tried and tested relationships.)

Ok, maybe this topic was NOT a five-minute write and perhaps I have barely scratched the surface of this subject…I’ve confronted that truth and am owning it!