I know few people who do not like to eat.  Very few.  Seriously, what is it about eating that is so satisfying?  Sure, the taste of food can be wonderful and the smell of a delicious meal cooking can often be the best thing, this side of heaven.  But the love of eating is more than that.  It’s often deeper than that.  It’s a manifestation of a craving.  A lust even.  The acting out of a seemingly uncontrollable urge.

Ok, before I get too deep into THAT thread, let me ease up, just a bit.  I love to eat cake!!

I love to eat a lot of things, but cake can often be one of those foods that grips me.  It should be noted here, that I only enjoy eating GOOD cake.  There is GOOD cake, and there is not-so-much.

So cake.  Yeah, I can sit over a 13×9 baking pan with a fork in my hand like I’m an olympic gold medalist in a marquee event.  I’ve got varying techniques of cutting into the cake with my fork and have often created different designs with the remaining edge of cake.  One time I even fashioned a fork-widthed maze through the cake.  Creativity knows NO bounds when it comes to cake!

My favorite flavor is golden cake with chocolate FUDGE frosting.  Emphasis on the fudge (not just chocolate). Please don’t pretend there isn’t a difference.  And if I have a gallon of ice cold milk at my side…look out!  But let’s not start in that vein.  That would take up at least another five minutes!

My least favorite is anything lemon cake.  Who thought this was even a good idea?? Oh, the silliness of some people.