31-days-impactI have a really good memory.  My sister, whom I adore, often says that she remembers most of our life growing up, because of my memories of us.  Recently, I received an envelope containing a note and a personal item.  A watch, actually.  My Dad’s watch.  This brought one specific date back to me at light speed.

February 4, 2015.

This is the date that my Dad (Carl, Zip, Bud, Granpda) left this earthly place.  I think of that date often and will never forget it.  Ever.

(The watch and the note came via US mail, from the VA Hospital where Dad passed away.  They were sorting through some personal items left behind and found Dad’s watch.)

I have so many vivid memories of that experience, of those final days, those last moments, that date in time.  Dad was…IS bigger than a free-write.  Perhaps a chapter one day.  Maybe even a book.  For now, he owns that date.  And the memories I cherish of it.

I love you, Dad!