31-days-impactI fell in love with a specific piece of music several years ago.  “Cinema Paradiso”, performed by world renowned trumpeter, Chris Botti and legend cellist, Yoyo Ma, moves me in a way few pieces of music do.  Soon after hearing the song, I discovered the movie of the same title, Cinema Paradiso.

In the film, a young and mischievous boy named Salvatore finds himself under the tutelage of the local Italian village’s cinema house projectionist, Alfredo.  The two forge a life-long, father-son relationship.  During his time of mentoring, Alfredo explains how the village’s church leadership censors every film, before it can be shown to the residents of the religiously devout Italian town.  Every scene depicting love in any way is removed.  An embrace, a kiss or a longing gaze.  All of it, cut and sent to the editing room floor.  The movies are shown for years without any of these coveted scenes.

Hearing of Alfredo’s passing, Salvatore returns to the village as a successful film maker, Upon his return, he discovers a treasure left for him by his dear Alfredo.  Meticulously spliced together in perfect composition is every piece of “forbidden” film CUT from the endless spools of celluloid into one, beautiful expression of love, fulfillment and satisfaction of the heart and soul.

So often, the greatest moments are a collage of clippings from the cutting floor of our life.