Day 24 – Global #Write31Days


Like, pretty much everyone, when I think global, I think BIG!  I think massive.  I envision huge.  I picture endless!

And yet, somehow, I don’t feel unable to make a global impact, even though I am much smaller (in and of myself) than anything considered to be global.  So how do we leave a noticeable piece of ourselves in this earth?  An impression on this generation?  A lasting fingerprint on this place?

I believe our legacy and lasting chorus begins with our very actions and words at a very local level.  It’s been rightly said, “Think globally, act locally”.  Our impression on people and our surroundings is directly connected to how we treat those around us.  To how we listen with an understanding ear and give ourselves whole-heartedly to a cause.

If we truly want to leave this place different (and presumably better) than when we came, we must adhere ourselves to the people in it.  We must endeavor to attach ourselves to a vision bigger than we and to see and celebrate good whenever possible.  Is this an easy task?  Sometimes.  So often, it’s just the opposite.  But, in every case, worth it.

You can change the world!


Day 23 – Blowout #Write31Days


When a retail store has a blowout, they’re trying to get rid of EVERYTHING!  They want to clean off the stock shelves that have been gathering dust and losing value for days, months, years even.  In the end, they’re may be some good stuff in there, but let’s face it, it didn’t sell for a reason and its now useless to them!

If a diaper-dressed baby has a blowout… Well, you get the idea.  Not a good scene!  Never.  Ever. Ever!

When we as people allow ourselves to pressurize so intensely inside, that a blowout ensues, look out!  Rarely, anything good ever comes from a blowout.  Stuff sitting on the shelves of our minds, hearts and souls, that has been gathering dirt and all things bad, goes flying out the door with reckless abandon.  The foul of our intellectual and emotional intestines releases in a seeming unclean-able fury!

When I think back to situations involving blowouts with another person, I honestly cannot think of one “good” thing that came from it.

Lessons learned?  Rarely.  Mistakes made?  Always.  Regrets?  Endless.

Messes and confrontations like that need to be avoided at all cost.  Perhaps we can find ways to communicate dissatisfaction in a healthy way at regular intervals, so the storeroom shelves become not-so-full.


Day 22 – Off #Write31Days

31-days-impactOff.  Such a small word with such big potential.

The opposite of ‘on’, its presence can darken a room, a building or an entire city!

The phrase, “off in another world.” has a negative vibe attached to it, as if going to another place (within your mind or an actual physical place) is such a bad thing.  A place where dreams are created, plans forged and yes, fantasies are lived out.

How bout, “off the beaten path.”?  Perhaps going the way no one else thought of IS, in fact, the best way to get to a desired destination.

I think “off on a tangent” gets a bad rap.  I believe that the journey of random and deeper conversation can lead to discoveries unrealized, rather than strictly adhering to the prescribed agenda.

The word, off itself, is inherently negative.  Contrary to good.  I think ‘off’, can be a very good thing, from time to time.

Well, thats it for now…I’m off!


Day 21 – Park #Write31Days


Being stuck in one place is a frustrating experience for me.  Like sitting in the driver’s seat of car who’s transmission is stuck in Park.

I have loved writing throughout the #Write31Days challenge as I always love to write.  It has, however been, just that: a challenge.  Not every day, but in this moment, it is.  Not because of time (although finding even the time to write these short posts is a struggle), but I find that my mind has been jammed into Park and I can’t get it out.

Ironically, though, here I sit, writing about the very thing I feel that is keeping me from writing!  I am writing this post days after it was supposed to be written.  Why?  Who knows.  Just feel or felt… stuck in Park!  Those times in life when I can’t find the next step or feel paralyzed in a situation, can be incredibly trying for me.  I hate feeling stuck.  I love moving in (what is hopefully) a purposed direction.

For me, sometimes putting that situation aside for a brief time, helps me to gain perspective and refocus on the right direction to go in.  It’s by no means a sure-fire solution for me and I often feel (like in this writing challenge) that it’s a poor excuse.  Perhaps, I should cut myself a break.  I tend to be pretty hard on myself at times, but I am learning.

For now, I seem to moving again.  Hoping this time, I won’t go into Park, unless I get to where I’m going.


Day 20 – Weekend #Write31Days

31-days-impactFor so many, weekend, means exactly what is says:  the end of a week of work and responsibility.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the weekend, but to me, it usually means more time to get some list of tasks accomplished or projects completed that I otherwise haven’t had or wouldn’t have had the time to finish during the “traditional” work week.

The weekend is often a time when you have more discretion about what you do.  There isn’t a specific set of rules that dictate your do’s and dont’s.  (Although some people could use a few more ‘dont’s’ on the weekend)

I’ll admit, freely in fact, that I do not wring out the potential of the weekend, from a recharging the batteries standpoint, and that I could use more of that time to refresh and relax.  I’m often guilty of putting too much on the list.  Ironically, that list never disappears.

I have more changes to make in this area, that is for certain.  So to you, the reader, let me assure you…

I have put that on the list and will work on it this weekend!  Enjoy yours and whatever you do with it!


Day 19 – Notice #Write31Days

31-days-impactI tend to notice quite a bit.  I don’t have a photographic memory, I think I just pay attention.  I notice who was standing or sitting where, what the lighting looked like, the sounds of the room, the smell in the air.  I notice the demeanor of people as they sit, talk, laugh, cry.

Oh, the infinite value of noticing!  Opening the eyes…of the body, the mind, the soul.  To see what’s in front of you, to the left and right.  To notice a smile, a tear.  To take note of pain, of suffering.  To see the celebration of a moment and wonder why.

To notice a need in another and meet it is a treasured experience, shared by too few in this world.  To slow one’s self enough and listen to the silent cries of a hurting heart, and reach out with selfless compassion is a virtue, I believe we must all possess.

Life offers us many opportunities to notice.  The sound of one’s laugh, the way another walks and carries themselves.  The pure artistry in a way a mother loves her baby or the strength of a father as he wipes the tears from the eyes of his frightened child.

To notice is a gift.  Not given, but received.  Unwrapping the gift is pure joy.


Day 18 – Neighbor #Write31Days

31-days-impactWhen I hear neighbor, I, like most, think about those we live next to.  The people to the left or right of us.  And that is true.  Those people are our neighbors.  However, for my purpose here, I’m going to zoom out for a bit of a wide-angle view of neighbor.

The word neighbor is actually a combination of two Old English words, meaning ‘near inhabitant’.  As so many do, I have a number of circles of influence, relationships, friendships and yes, neighbors.  By definition, a neighbor is anyone who is near us on this journey of life.

With so many neighbors around us, we have an incredible and golden opportunity.  We not only have potential impact in their lives, but we have the privilege of gleaning from them.  Learning about them, who they are, why they are, what moves them and how they view this precious life we live.  We become stronger, fuller, more diverse and valuable as we allow others to deposit treasure into us.

Regardless of the which circle we find ourselves in with them, let’s purpose to take note of those neighbors in our lives.  Let’s endeavor to connect, while strengthening each other.  Who knows, you might just discover they live closer to you than you thought.